Tips for Product Listings

This is a brief look at how to build a successful listing for anyone who's starting out or wanting to improve their online shop. I've been working on my shop Calvander Company for over a year now, starting with Etsy and recently making the transition to Shopify. Below are some tips I wish I knew ahead of time instead of having to learn along the way:
As far as photos go I've transitioned into clean white background styled photos via Adobe Photoshop, but I've found it doesn't necessarily seem to make a difference as far as sales (I've started doing this because I prefer a "clean/simplified" look for more personalized web platforms).
Example of clean, white background using Photoshop
A good series of photos is obviously one of the most important elements of a successful listing, but if you can create a nice lifestyle photo, that may be all you need to catch a shopper's eye. It seems that most shops on Etsy simply arrange lifestyle photos as their main pictures, and from what I can tell it still gets the same amount of traffic.
Lifestyle photo example of handmade geometric shelves
What's good about a lifestyle photo is that it gives the viewer context. If it's clothing, it may give the viewer an idea of where, when, and what to wear with the item. If it's a product you're photographing, it could even be the stylized setting of the photograph that catches their attention first, or the complete aesthetic of all the elements of the image as a whole.
But... all in all, the more photos the better, and the longer the description the better.
Tags and titles are really important. In the listing it'll give you a place to put tags, and then also materials, so make sure to always fill those completely. Something I recently learned is that instead of having a clean title for your listing,  it's smarter to have a title that is more specific. For instance, I sell vintage Levi's and instead of having a title like "Levi Jeans 30 x 30" its better to use up as many characters as possible with a title like "90s Levi Jeans Light Wash Boot Cut Worn In Softness 30 x 30 Mom Jeans High Rise" while trying to keep it as coherent as possible to avoid a choppy title. And, yes "mom jeans" is a super popular search right now. When I was growing up the term "mom jeans" was a way to bash someone's jeans for not resembling the "current" low rise bell bottoms fad. Nonetheless I'm thrilled we are finally coming around to giving moms the love they deserve; even if its through a style of jeans, its a step in the right direction.
With that said, its smart to look up what the popular searches are for items similar to the ones you're selling. Take in to account what other more popular shops use as far as titles and tags. In addition, the more your tags and titles coincide and back each other up, the stronger they become in the search algorithms in order for Etsy to avoid irrelevant tags.
For shipping its really important to weigh and pack everything prior to selling it. When I first started I would guess the weight and most of the time I ended up having to eat shipping costs because I didn't weigh it out ahead of time or calculate how much the box and shipping materials would weigh on top of the weight of the product itself.
Presentation example of personalized package
Plus, I almost always include a personalized card or note and that may even add an ounce or two, so its smart to pack everything ahead of time and have it weighed out precisely. Maybe even give yourself a couple extra ounces for wiggle room.
That's a start for building listings. Feel free to contact me with specific questions and I'll try to help!

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