DIY - How This Movement Can Help Our Psyche

Whether you're the one "Do(ing) - It - Yourself" or the person buying directly from someone who is, being a part of this movement is beneficial in a multitude of ways.

For decades, in the United States especially, we've been immersed in a culture where bigger is better, having more is "safer," and buying cheap is preferred. Corporations work to pump out huge numbers of cheap products of convenience, perpetuating a mindset that strays us further from what we truly need. 

The Do-It-Yourself movement emphasizes healthy, big picture ideas such as reducing waste, instigating awareness of quality versus quantity, and creating a hunger for knowledge of production.

For instance, ceramic dishes are made from organic material, reduce the use and waste of harmful plastics, and even last as cultural artifacts throughout history.

It's important to note that we're still actively submerged in this culture of consumption; therefore, to have the means, time, access, and education about the significance of quality goods is a result of privilege. But, in supporting our local artists and small businesses around us, we can help sustain these grass-roots efforts that endorse and promote refined products made with creativity and purpose. With this notion we can ultimately acquire a more cultivated view and understanding of how we interact with products as consumers.


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